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VAT Registration in Bahrain

VAT Registration in Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the leading sovereign nation in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain has been transforming itself as one of the successful economies of the world. Bahraini government has set an easy business setup for foreigners to invest in the country while providing them with business-friendly environment. Furthermore, the Bahraini government has been keeping a close eye on the execution of the tax scenario that is an obligation for business individuals.

The government of Bahrain made it easy for the investors to pay tax, if you are planning to open a business in Bahrain then it is important for you to know about Tax Service and the process of its submission. First of all just quickly skim through tax service then we will jump into VAT submissions. Tax is an unavoidable part of business bodies; it has to be filed at the end of the year. Let’s make it simple, tax means a compulsory financial charge that needs to be accepted by the taxpayer. Now, what is VAT registration in Bahrain?

Single Person Company Registration in Bahrain

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VAT registration in Bahrain is the process by which VAT registration is required of a taxable entity in Bahrain. Upon registration, the organization will be assigned a dedicated VAT account number. An entity may apply for VAT registration in Bahrain once the turnover is as shown below and has exceeded the threshold as mentioned. 

⦁After-sales the threshold must be considered for arrival.

⦁Normal quoted deliveries

⦁Registered goods

⦁Reversed services paid provided &

⦁Goods imported.

⦁ Exempted deliveries should not be considered, however.

vat registration services

So if you are a newly born baby into the business world or you are matured one, we will help you out and provide you complete guidelines about how to submit your VAT registration form and also help you to fill out the form with the documentation required. We are giving full time service to all the business bodies existing in Bahrain and are worried about the submission of VAT. Let’s give you an idea that which documents you have to keep handy at the time of VAT registration.

Documents required for VAT registration in Bahrain

⦁ Photocopy of Commercial registration certificate

⦁ Report of Auditors

⦁ Audited financial statement

⦁ Certificate of customs registration

⦁ Partnership agreement copy

⦁ Duplicate of Certificate of incorporation

⦁ ID card copy of the selected person

Implementing the different processes following company integration is a must to keep business processes at ease. Here’s a guide on the five items you need to do after you set up your business in Bahrain. Now at this stage, adopting professional services turns out to be a successful and smart move.

By contacting experts, you can achieve the following advantages: 

  • The tax revenues shall be efficiently controlled 
  • Experts will easily rectify current errors 
  • Fiscal experts will help you control the tax scenario 
  • Hold correct records concerning tax and vat returns 
  • Helps you to significantly reduce the tax risk 
  • Implementation of applicable applications to promote registration process
So how we can help?

We assist our esteemed clients with every tax-related issue. We provide them legal and unmatched taxation solutions by keeping in view your business module. We have competent team with ample amount of experience in tax sector. Our experts have in-depth knowledge about tax and its implementation. We use hands-on technology, tools and software to have high-end results. If you are thinking that why avail professional tax registration services then the answer would be dealing with the company tax services turns out to be a tough job if you don’t know about the relevant procedure. It takes ample amount of time and money as well to do the actual and right thing.