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Branch of a Foreign Company

Branch of a foreign Company

Establishing a company in any part of the world is not a dime a dozen. To achieve your goals you must be fully consistent and devoted. But it is easy to start a business in Bahrain because of its friendly atmosphere and a way of living too economical, welcoming and reasonable visa policies. While people around the globe are attracting more to invest in the Bahrain Kingdom. Companies that were incorporated and registered outside of Bahrain can open their branch office in Bahrain to perform specific activities. The name of the Bahrain-based Foreign Company Division must be similar to the company’s original name and followed by the term “a branch of a foreign company.” The company is also allowed to open a parent company’s representative office in Bahrain, with the aim of monitoring and supervising its interests in Bahrain.


⦁ Application form of company registration
⦁ Pre-approval of external entities
⦁ Agreement of sponsorship signed with a Bahraini trader for functioning branches

Branch of a foreign company

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Why setup a branch of a foreign company in Bahrain?

Bahrain is a country that is open to the creation of a unique economy that is growing by every now and then. Bahrain has been welcoming investors to invest in the region. It has established itself as the Gulf region ‘s principal banking and financial center. Bahrain provides many advantages for foreign investors, including no personal or corporate taxation system, no capital and income repatriation limits, a built infrastructure with excellent transportation and communication facilities, and duty-free access for goods produced in Bahrain to the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC) member states.

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How we can help?

Our experienced, passionate and creative team of professionals use one of a kind approaches to help you settle a branch of a foreign company with same registered name. We have designed specific and high-end strategies to open a branch of a foreign company in Bahrain. Our committed, reliable and robust team provide our clients with the real understanding of legal procedures, networking with authorities on advanced level and to explore new business opportunities in abroad and to suggest suitable model to setup branch of a foreign company in Bahrain.

We are on a mission to provide right-hand approach with the usage of ultra-modern techniques. Our advisors make every possible way to satisfy the client needs and provide them 100% results not verbally but practically as well. So if you are planning to open a branch of a foreign company in Bahrain, you can count on our services. We are the best consultant in your town. We enable you to transform your business on superior levels. 

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