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We highly appreciate and respect the Government of Bahrain to support the COVID-19 affected companies in Bahrain with financial grants. Investment is the most vital key to achieving the vision of the business. 

Following the directives of HRH Crown Prince, Tamkeen Bahrain has Doubled the “Business continuity support program” to support the COVID-19 affected small businesses medium-size businesses. Tamkeen launches the Business continuity support program to offer financial support for small and micro companies that are adversely affected in this critical era of COVID-19. Therefore, this program is part of the ongoing national efforts by Tamkeen to support the private sector.

Following are some of the businesses that have been affected severely by COVID-19 pandemic :

  1. Saloons
  2. Restaurants
  3. Gyms
  4. Hotels
  5. Cinemas
  6. and many other businesses

All of the affected companies can apply for government support for their businesses in Bahrain. However, Tamkeen will analyze government financial assistance applications concerning the history of the company and how it has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tamkeen Bahrain requires the following documents to apply for the government support under the business continuity support program:

  1. An Active CR without any violation from SIO or LMRA.
  2. Three months Bank statement of the company or it can be one of the owners of the company,
  3. Valid Rental Agreement
  4. Three months of electricity bill
  5. Accounting reports or Audit reports or In-house Accounting reports
  6. Evidence that the COVID-19 affected the business like accounting analysis, account receivables aging report, outstandings reports, sales reports, and other evidence.
  7. and other supporting documents

Do you want to apply for the Tamkeen Support? 

Why Choose us?

We have excellent experience in submitting the applications of Tamkeen, especially for the Business Continuity support program. You would be happy to know that we get 95% of our applications approved for the first phase of this program, and people got BHD 1,050.000 to BHD 12,000.000 as a financial grant. So, we offered you our assistance to reach your business to the new horizons of success. We will help you submit the Tamkeen’s “business continuity support program” application and become a bridge to improve your business. Our experts have tons of experience in counseling and helping choose the right plan and direction for your business. We will provide you with one-stop solutions, assist you, and guide you for uplifting your company again.

How we help you?

Tamkeen Business Continuity Support Program is not only for small businesses and companies. The program expanded its scope to include taxicab drivers, public transport and bus drivers, driving instructors, and kindergarten workers.

Following the directives of HRH The Crown Prince, Tamkeen has doubled the financial grants to support those companies that have been adversely affected by a COVID-19.

You are welcome to contact us and take advantage of our Tamkeen Services. We will do our utmost to assist you. Our well-qualified and highly trained team knows the requirements of Tamkeen and helps you tackle business matters generously. We will take you through until the final consent of your application and till receipt of all three installments from tamkeen.

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