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Central Population Registry (CPR)

CPR Services in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first among the Middle East to have executed a bound together single personal identification card for all residents and occupants. Right now the CPR card is being moved up to a Smart card. The omnipresent Central Population Registry (CPR) card used to fulfill lots of functions.  The residents and inhabitants who need to get another card/reestablish the CPR/apply for a smart card can book an appointment online through the national gateway and go the assigned giving office at the appointment time for getting the smart card. This administration in normal is saving 11,000 appointments for every month. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Identity Card is the Kingdoms official Identification check technique utilized by people (Citizens or inhabitants) to complete any type of administration (Governmental, health-related, banking, payment verification, and more).

CPR Services in Bahrain

CPR Services in Bahrain

SPC WLL is well-known for helping you to have all the CPR services provided by Bahrain government. We are here to relax you by providing issuing ID card services, update and unit services, addresses services, expat’s workers services and fast track line services.

Legal Services

Here is a look of some of the legal services we provide in Bahrain:

  • SPC WLL enables you to issue Identity Cards for your children under the age of four years old provided by the Information and eGovernment Authority.
  • If you have lost or damaged your Identity Card and don’t know what to do, feel free to contact us. We make sure to do all the legal
  • process. Our service is for both Bahraini’s and Non-Bahraini’s.
  • We also help individuals to issue an Identity Card if they gain Bahraini citizenship.
  • Our special services are also here for Bahraini individuals to issue a new ID card.
  • Our CPR services also invites you to book an appointment to issue, renew or replace damaged or lost Identity Card and enquire about booked appointments or cancel it.

These are some of our services we provide to our clients to meet all their issues while living in Bahrain.

We offer a huge range of CPR services designed to meet your individual requirements, circumstances, timescales and budget.

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