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Bahrain Shareholding Company

Bahrain Shareholding Company

A BSC is a permissible body separate from the owner. It offers the investors with complete liability protection and limits their liability to the amount of company capital spent. The country of Bahrain identifies two kinds of Shareholding Company those are closed and public.

A Public Shareholding Company comprises of promoters (not less than seven) who subscribe within by way of negotiable shares. Associates shall be accountable for the company’s debts and obligations only to the value of amount of shares. Only Bahrain citizens, GCC and non-GCC citizens can subscribe those shares.

A closed Shareholding Company comprises of promoters (not less than two) who subscribe within by way of negotiable shares. Such shares might not be accessible to the general public for subscription. Bahraini, GCC and non GCC may subscribe those shares.

Single Person Company Registration in Bahrain

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What is Shareholder Structure?

Shareholder Structure gives the records of classes of shares gave by the company with the quantity of shares and the level of shareholding. The shareholders at given point of time just as the democratic rights accessible to the shareholders with the shares held by them which help the administration to assess the ownership of the company.


What is Shareholder Structure?

You might be looking for guidelines on how to open Bahrain Shareholder company. Our company has expert business consultants that will give you a complete overview of shareholding companies in Bahrain, their structure, and all legal matters. The company issues Shareholders Structure Report that classifies the different classes of shares i.e., preference shares, common shares, convertible shares, ESOP, etc. Preference share could also be of two different types, for example, preference share with restricted voting rights or preference share without voting rights. At the end of the reporting period, share structure then preserves the records of shareholders with the number and percentage of shares held by them after classifying the different shares issued. The owner of the company is only provided the percentage of shareholdings that do not elaborate on the whole decision making power of the shareholders. After declaring the voting rights available to the shareholders, the overall decision making power of the shareholders is only provided. Keeping up the Shareholding Structure of a Company causes the administration to enhance ownership of a company and not allowing a group control or having strong decision power. It is kept up at the obtaining of the company when the shares are given to Promoters of the company and afterward the equivalent is refreshed at the issue of new shares. This should be possible by recording the name of the investors buying into the issue of shares of the company and recording the individual holdings of the investors. Subsequent to recording this much, the level of the capital hold by each investor is determined and the level of casting a ballot rights accessible to the investors is additionally assessed and referenced.

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Who are the shareholders of a company?

A shareholder is a person, company, or an institution that owns at least one share of a company’s stock, which is known as equity. Because shareholders are basically owners of a company, they acquire benefits of a business’ success. A shareholder is also referred as a stockholder.

Requirement to setup Bahrain Shareholding Company

  • Company registration application form
  • Curriculum Vitae of each partner
  • Agreement of company’s registered address
  • National ID card of company representatives and copy of other members. If members are not present then ID copy of their lawyers should be submitted.
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Resolution of Board of Directors resolving to launch a company in Bahrain (for corporate associates)

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