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Protected Cell Company in Bahrain

Protected Cell Company in Bahrain

In addition to those forms provided under the Commercial Company Law, a Protected Cells Company is a form of business enterprise. A Company of Protected Cells may be established under this Law by: 

⦁ Incorporate a new company as a Protected Cells Company; or an existing company, if authorized by a Special Resolution, shall be transformed into a Protected Cells Company provided that the existing company is allowed to conduct all of the activities that a Protected Cells Company is permitted to conduct as provided for in section 3 of this Law. 
Protected Cells Companies are subject to central bank supervision and oversight.

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Main Features of a Protected Cell Company (PCC)

A PCC is a distinct legitimate entity, managed by the CBB that is comprised of a center and one or a few sections called cells. The cells of the company don’t have their own lawful character, and are administered by a solitary directorate that is liable for regulating the activity and the executives of the PCC and the entirety of its cells all in all. The PCC law takes into consideration both the making of new PCCs and for the change of existing companies into PCCs, gave the CBB has given their approval for the same.

When built up and approved by the CBB, there is no restriction to the quantity of cells a PCC can make. While however there is minimum capital requirement for building up the center or of any of the cells, the CBB will direct the minimum capital requirement where material. The most distinctive component of a PCC is its separation of assets and liabilities.  By isolating the assets and liabilities of a company cell from the core and different cells, such assets are just accessible to creditors and investors of that specific cell.

All things considered, the mechanism strengthens investors’ rights and powers to shield their assets from the more extensive company and its creditors. Notably, the PCC Law also allows PCCs to give transacting third parties rights of recourse to both the assets of the company core and the suitable cell for any obligation that may emerge from such transaction.

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Documents required

⦁ Attested copy articles of association and memorandum
⦁ The written approval of the central bank referred under section 7

Benefits of the PCC Law to investors

Prompt benefits of the PCC company structure include improved productivity of organization, cost savings and improved investor confidence. PCC companies are adaptable and simple to set up, to work and to sell, and there is no minimum capital requirement. Existing companies might be changed over into PCCs and once the PCC is established, repeat transactions or other basic activities among the cells can be handled in a efficient and cost-effective manner.

The PCC Law shapes a significant piece of the ongoing changes to Bahrain’s Companies Law system. The law was not presented until late 2017 and, in that capacity, completely measuring its impacts on Bahrain’s investment landscape has been somewhat hard to date. However, such changes align Bahrain solidly with universal accepted procedures and assert its reputation for being an available goal for neighborhood, territorial and worldwide investors.

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