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Hourly Consultancy 

 Reliable & Competent Hourly Consultation Services in Bahrain

There might be hundreds of situations when you are looking for hourly consolation services in Bahrain, to reduce the cost and work on short term basis. At SPC WLL, you will be contented to know that though we have a team of experts, with ample amount of experience and deep knowledge in counselling, we also have economical and suitable prices or fees to help you accomplish your aims. We offer you a detailed, informative and convincing hourly consultation services.

There are numerous ways to charge for consultancy services and we believe that every client is important and have a unique relationship with us so we give them special treatment when it comes to pay the fees. While dealing with the invoice method you need to keep in mind the points of contract agreement for a better, managed and error-free working.

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We Offer Three Standard Ways to Charge for Consultancy Services:

Time and material based invoicing/Hourly consultation services

If the client agreed upon time and material based invoicing then we multiply the number of hours spend on the tasks with hourly rate and add the costs of the materials we use in the process. If multiple employees are working on the project then the hourly rates may differ and we keep track of all of them.

accounting services

Pre-paid hours

In this method, the client have to pay the amount in advance. Usually the pre-paid hours are spent on smaller tasks like phone and e-mail consultancies.

LLC or WLL Wll company registration in Bahrain

Projects based on fixed prices

In this method, we have to estimate the number of hours we have spent, the cost of materials we will use and the cost of all the subcontractors we have worked with during the project.

Keeping records is not an easy job and one single mistake can cause you long-term issues. But we will help you to manage that in a more organized way. We have experts of accounting which help you to make decisions about your long-term financial issues. If you are looking for accounting services then we are at your doorstep to give you right and best possible solutions.


Hourly Bookkeeping & Accounting Services:

Our skillful team will direct you in every step that you take to open a Business in Bahrain. You will be pleased to know that we not only provide you the formalities or documentation required to start a business in Bahrain but also to take care of your capital by providing you reliable and secure accounting and book keeping services.

Our team is consistent, reliable and proficient in terms of hourly bookkeeping services. We offer advanced bookkeeping service solutions to our clients. We deliver a level of consistency, reliability and expertise for business with large accounting department. Our certified professionals keep your record safe by using ultra-modern and state-of-the-art techniques.  You can totally rely on our hourly accounting services because we provide high-end solutions for monthly and yearly accounting services. Our experienced accountants double-check your account details, and use latest software to add the information and save it in an encrypted folder.

Business consultation services per hour depends on the quality and amount of work that we deliver to our clients. The business strategies we use, marketing techniques, acquisitions and much more our services charge different fees for different functionalities. We help you to analyze the scope of the business that you are planning to open in Bahrain, with appropriate channel and on affordable prices in our hourly  Business consultation services.

Opening a business in other countries is considered a bold step. You need to be very optimistic and enthusiastic to take a step further and never let your dreams to fade-away. So why looking here and there when we have a most reliable and professional hourly consultations Services?  Make a move towards our company and then you will be only few steps away to turn your dream business into a real brand with global recognition.

Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant?