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Change of Period 

Need to Change of Period of Your Company in Bahrain? SPC WLL is at support!

In Bahrain, while running a successful business, you need to change the period of your company a number of times without any hindrance. Changing the period is not an easy task and it requires lots of troubles. So, by having SPC WLL’s change of period services in your homeland, you need not to worry about all these difficulties. We have a team of professionals who have expertise in providing such kind of services. We make sure to follow all the rules and regulations directed by Kingdom of Bahrain while running your process. Our experts are resolute to shorten or lengthen the period of your company as per your desire.

amendment in business in bahrain

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Why the change of period is needed?

After establishing and putting lots of efforts in your business, when you found it growing, you desire to change your company’s end year (known as its ‘accounting reference date’) to run your company’s financial year for more than 12 months. This change of period is done for a company’s present financial year or the one immediately after it.  If you change your company’s year end, it will also change your deadline for filling accounts, unless you are lengthening your company’s first financial year.

Our Team

Our team has years of experience in the relevant field, helped hundreds of small and large businesses in change of period service with guaranteed solution. You never need to worry about the mess of being visiting the offices as our expert staff will handle all the matters within the Bahrain law’s boundaries.

Moreover, our skilled staff is excited and passionate to help you with any type of business amendment and business consultation services in Bahrain. You are never alone in the town as our team is focused and active to help you to grow your business. Focus on the operation and leave all the matters on our experts!


Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant?

Why Choose SPC WLL?

We have done a huge amount of amendments for developed companies in Bahrain. We provide all kind of changing services that any company needs like change of address, change of name, change of partner, change of director, change of authorized directory, change of activity, change of capital and lots more. SPC WLL is a team of professionals having expertise in leading small and large businesses in Bahrain. In SPC WLL, our business masters will understand your business needs and oblige them in like way. Every business is important for us, so we try our best to provide them equal amount of consultation to resolve their issues. Our experts are fully determined to help the businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain so that the owners may save their time and concentrate on other objectives regarding to their success. To begin the process today, don’t stop for a second to connect with us – we’d be pleased to help you. We are available 24/7 to give you the best assistance in Bahrain.